Luan Taranto

In nature growth needs water, air, sunlight and nutrients.
I believe growth comes from connecting and combining factors, in nature and in business. As a connector, special agent, consultant, father, doer and nerd I help ad agencies and businesses grow by finding the right connection and getting things done.

16+ years

Pragmatic und hands-on

My ad agency career started (actually by „accident“) as a student at neue digitale, as an online editor/developer. Creating newsletters, CMS work, coordination were my daily business. I helped build and manage a service team to run the maintenance for all projects. After 8.5 years I moved on to Ogilvy (RedWorks) and was responsible for existing and new business, and also making sure the team and clients had the right tech to get jobs done. This was an amazing experience, especially with the global network. After 6.5 years it was time to try something new and I moved on to Cocomore, an IT-driven marketing agency,  and was responsible for the project management team. But the desire  to be more independent was there all along and in April 2019 I decided to take the leap and freelance. 


Trust is at the core of all relationships, in teams, towards clients. And relationships are more important than single projects. Understanding the client’s needs and their „why“ helps build a solid and long-term relationship.